Relocation to the Russian Federation

The Russian Federation is a country that has made significant economic progress in the decades following the fall of communism, which is reflected in the amount of international companies that have established a presence in the region. Such developments have brought a large number of expats into the country, many of whom base themselves in the busy cities of Moscow or St. Petersburg.

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Living as an expat in the Russian Federation

Living in the Russian Federation can be a challenge for some expats. The climate is extreme in its cold and heat, and many cities are polluted. There is also a relatively high crime rate and a number of security issues to take into consideration. The majority of expats are able to afford a high standard of living that allows them to reside in gated developments that provide necessary security. For most expats, issues pertaining to Russia’s bureaucracy and difficult customer service tend to have a greater impact on their day-to-day lives than any security risks.

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Learning the language, finding a school and feeling at home in Russia

Russia is frequently referred to as one of the world’s most expensive countries. While housing can be pricey, items such as groceries, public transport and petrol are quite reasonably priced.

The facilities available to expats living in Russia’s bigger cities are very good and there are a variety of international schools and high quality healthcare facilities available.

The official language of Russia is Russian and expats will benefit if they are able to learn some of the language. Whilst a small number of Russians do speak English, and it is frequently used in business transactions, the majority of public signs and directions will only be available in the Russian language and alphabet. It would be advised to take a language course and learn the letters of the alphabet to help ease the transition.


Eurohome and relocation to the Russian Federation

Eurohome is active on a global scale and handles a full range of relocation services in each country. Our main priority is to help each client make a successful transition into their new country by taking a proactive, highly organized and always communicative approach throughout the entire relocation process. Our experienced relocation specialists will personally provide valuable local information and are prepared to answer any questions our clients and their families will have about their new home.

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