Relocation services

Corporate services

As an corporate (HR) professional, do you need to arrange the transfer of employees to other countries? Eurohome Relocations helps corporations relocate their people from point A to Z. Read more about our corporate services.

Immigration Assistance

An international relocation often means finding your way through a complex bureaucratic labyrinth. Our local immigration experts will guide you expertly through the process.

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Tenancy and expense management

Allow us to take care of all of the expense management and paperwork for the rental accommodation on your behalf.

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Coaching and policy advice

Eurohome can lend our more than 20 years of expertise to help guide HR professionals in developing and fine-tuning their corporate international assignment policy.

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Tenancy management of corporate accommodations

Corporate accommodations in the Netherlands are mainly fully furnished units that are rented by companies and is often used to accommodate employees for either shorter or longer periods.

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The 30% Tax Ruling (NL)

Eurohome has the expertise to help complete the application process so that your relocating employees can benefit from this valuable Dutch tax exemption.

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