About Eurohome Relocation

Eurohome was founded in 1988 with the goal of offering expats the highest quality relocation services in the industry. Over the past several decades we’ve succeeded in this goal by providing our clients the latest in innovation as well as the devoted service of a highly trained and caring staff of relocation specialists.

When Eurohome started we were one of the first and only relocation companies to support our clients with services such as language training and home search. We’ve continued working hard to find new ways to help our clients with unique services and the latest in technology, while also focusing on ways to enhance our existing services.

The Eurohome team is the strength behind our innovation and success, taking a proactive approach towards helping our clients in combination with using their practical skills and experience to guide our transferees throughout the relocation.

This commitment to constant improvement, together with the devotion of our team, is the driving force behind the success of Eurohome since its inception. You can rely on us to never stop working to provide the best relocation experience possible for our clients.

Eurohome Relocations at a glance

  • Active in the relocation industry for over 30 years
  • Offices in the Netherlands, the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic
  • Operates globally with carefully selected partners in more than 140 countries
  • Member of leading international relocation networks such as ERC (Employee Relocation Council) and EuRA (European Relocation Association)
  • Serving corporate accounts with an extensive team of multilingual, experienced specialists
  • Is part of the Voerman Group of companies
  • The preferred destination services provider for leading international relocation management companies

Our approach

Eurohome combines the personal care of our team of relocation specialists with the latest in administrative technology to help make each relocation an easily managed success from start to finish.

Our clients and corporate accounts are assigned an account manager who will carefully oversee the relocation and be a point of contact for regular communication throughout the process. For each unique relocation service offered we have a highly trained specialist to guide our client until the service has been completed.

Our Collaborative Network of Specialists (CNS) are all connected through Red Sky, an IT platform designed for Eurohome which helps to maintain and account for each step of the relocation. Through Red Sky each party involved in the relocation can view case updates, upload or download documents, and keep track of important communications.

Through our easy to use online system and our team of specialists, you can count on a perfectly managed relocation every time.

Our culture

Voerman is a Servant-Leadership company, characterized by the conscious choice to serve others first and lead second. Our Servant Leadership values are at the core of our organisation, and include:

Compassion, Authenticity, Humbleness, Empowerment, Providing direction, Stewardship

More about Servant Leadership

Mission Statement & Vision

More about our Mission Statement & Vision

Social Programs

We are committed to the communities we live in and believe it is important to contribute to those in need—with a special focus on providing help to people within the home countries Eurohome is located.

This commitment is inspired by our philosophy, and manifests itself in the various sponsoring activities in which we are involved. We do this work through the Voerman Foundation.

More about the Voerman Foundation