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Are you moving to the Netherlands temporarily or for a longer period of time? Then Eurohome Relocations is the Desination Service Provider (DSP) for you! With more than 20 consultants, we can serve you immediately with the knowledge and experience you can expect from Dutch natives.

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Living as an expat in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is originally a trading country. For centuries, the Dutch have sailed the seas and traded with countries all over the world, and facilitated trading among other countries with their ports and logistics.

As a relatively small country, with borders not farther than 200 kilometers, the Dutch are used to having international neighbors. This makes the Netherlands a welcoming country to live in as an expat. Nearly everyone speaks English well, making it easy for expats to communicate with the natives.

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Learning the language, finding a school, and feeling at home in the Netherlands

Learning the Dutch language is often not worth the effort for many expats because nearly everyone in the Netherlands speaks English. However, if you are planning to stay for a longer period, then learning the language is appreciated. Bear in mind that the Dutch language can be difficult to learn because of some complex grammar rules. If you are interested in learning the language, we can recommend language institutes for you in your area.

The Dutch school system is differentiated and complex. In addition to schools with a religious background, schools in the Netherlands are often based on different educational theories. Our Dutch specialists can inform you about all the options and help you make the right choice for your children.

The Netherlands is known as a tolerant country. When you live in the Netherlands as an expat, you will not be judged on your cultural habits. It is also important to understand a bit about the Dutch culture too. Dutch culture is characterized by open-mindedness, emancipation, and humbleness.


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