Short-term accommodation

Today’s international executive encounters a variety of different travel arrangements and durations, sometimes for even the shortest of stays. Save and savor – temporary home feels like real home.

Eurohome will search and secure short-term, fully furnished accommodation for your employee at the destination for a period from 1 week to 6 months.

The benefits of this program are savings on hotel costs and the comfort of home-like accommodation.
The key elements of our short-term accommodation program:

  • Forwarding a maximum of four preselected accommodation alternatives to choose from.
  • Booking and coordinating the payments.
  • Accompanied accommodation check-in.

Eurohome provides transferees with a complete package for locating the perfect short-term residence from hotels to serviced apartments and in accordance with all of a transferee’s requirements (from budget to location, to amenities, access to transport, or office proximity).

Our Temporary Accommodation programs are conducted and accompanied by a Eurohome consultant, car and driver, information package, residence screening and reservations.

Contact an Eurohome representative to learn more.