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With its beautiful capital city of Prague, as well as its up and coming second city of Brno, the Czech Republic has in recent years become one of the top destinations for companies relocating their employees in Europe.

Nestled between Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland, the Czech Republic is a chosen hub of business for many international companies in the region thanks to its central location, affordable costs and high level of local professional talent.

The country features one of the fastest growing economies on the continent with a thriving job market and ideal location in central Europe for trade. Anyone being relocated to the Czech Republic can expect a high standard as well as positive professional opportunity.

Do you require relocation assistance in the Czech Republic? Our office located in Prague has a staff full of experienced local professionals ready to help with all of your destination services needs throughout the country, including Brno and Ostrava. 

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Thank you so much for all your help and the really great service!  I now already feel nice in my new apartment in Prague. I like it and the surroundings very much! You made a perfect job!

Beat Iseli

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Learning the language, finding a school, and feeling at home in the Czech Republic

Thanks to a low cost of living, Western European style amenities, an ever growing international community, and fabulous location in the center of Europe, life in the Czech Republic is typically a very easy and enjoyable transition for expats and their families.

In Prague and Brno, one can take advantage of the numerous international restaurants, a wide variety of shopping centers, a large selection of international schools, and relaxing green areas both within and just outside the city. Culturally the cities of the Czech Republic are famous for their top class performing arts, centuries old architecture, a thriving live music scene, and a bustling nightlife.

While the country does have much to offer, there are also challenges which can arise for newly arrived expats. The Czech language is difficult to learn for non-Slavic speakers, although generally English is spoken by professionals and many people under the age of 30. Learning a few words in Czech will go a long way towards a better experience. There can also be a bit of an adjustment when it comes to interacting with locals and accepting different cultural norms.

Overall, living in the Czech Republic is considered to be a pleasant and enriching by the vast majority of people who have relocated here. Allow our local team to help manage your relocation with a wide variety of essential services for international expats.

Prague has ranked highly in numerous international liveability surveys and offers expats a high standard of living. As Czechs are known to be some of the heaviest beer drinkers in the world, it goes without saying that there is a thriving social scene, with many pubs and restaurants offering expats a good night out.


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