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Are you moving to the Czech Republic temporarily or for a longer period of time? Then Eurohome Relocations is the Destination Service Provider (DSP) for you! With our local consultants, we can serve you immediately with the knowledge and experience you can expect from Czech natives.

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Living as a expat in the Czech Republic.

As one of the most developed and industrialised economies in Central Europe, expats moving to the Czech Republic will find that the country is not only a popular tourist destination, but it’s also growing as an expat destination.

A small land-locked country, the Czech Republic is the western part of the former Czech and Slovak Federal Republic (Czechoslovakia), which split to form two separate states in 1993.

Thank you so much for all your help and the really great service! šŸ˜Š I now already feel nice in my new apartment in Prague. I like it and the surroundings very much (incl. the wine festival on the island). You made a perfect job!

Beat Iseli

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Learning the language, finding a school and feeling home inĀ the Czech Republic

The majority of the Czech Republicā€™s population is Czech; other ethnic groups include Slovaks, Germans, Romanis, Vietnamese and Poles. The main language is Czech. Although many of the younger Czech population are able to speak English, as it is taught in most schools, older generations may be unable to converse in English, especially outside the larger cities. German is also a common second language in the Czech Republic. Expats should make at least some attempt to learn Czech if they want to converse with the local population.

Expats with children need not worry about their childrenā€™s education when relocating to the Czech Republic. There are a number of international schools in Prague, all catering to different nationalities.

Prague has ranked highly in numerous international liveability surveys and offers expats a high standard of living. As Czechs are known to be some of the heaviest beer drinkers in the world, it goes without saying that there is a thriving social scene, with many pubs and restaurants offering expats a good night out.

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National Holidays

St. Wenceslas Day
Foundation of the independent Czechoslovak State
Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State
Labor Day
St. Cyrill en Methodius Day
Jan Hus Day
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