Coaching and policy advice

Eurohome has over 20 years of experience in the relocation field and offers a wide scope of services that can help your company get more out of its international assignment policies.

We have worked with companies large and small to create a plan that is cost efficient and effective. We can tailor our services according to the needs of your relocating employees, whether you prefer a standard package or an a la carte list of services chosen by each employee. Whatever your policy goal is we can help you achieve it.

We are able to assist HR professionals with:

  • Developing and fine-tuning the international assignment policy for their employees into workable, effective, ongoing or one-time solutions that the company can afford.
  • Identifying improvement opportunities within existing policy and programs, providing creative solutions for a cost-effective employee mobility program to achieve high levels of assignee satisfaction and retention.
  • Taking over some of the paperwork of the busy HR department related to expense management and immigration.