Every journey is different.

We understand your personal situation and are here to help and guide you. At this page you will get an idea of what lies ahead of you. Feel free to reach out to your relocation coordinator at any given time!


Looking around

Gathering information and getting ready.

Proper preparation is important, whether you have moved several times or leave home for the very first time. The first step is learning more about the country and local culture you are moving into as you need to be ready for life in a totally new environment. A lot of people we have moved say this is an important learning and life changing experience. Click below for some help and guidance.

Leaving home

Preparing yourself for your journey

Visa and immigration all in order? Accommodation taken care of? Informed all who need to know about your new address? Moving home can be a real hassle and it helps to have someone who can you plan and prepare. Know that there is always someone just a phone call away who knows what you are going through. Scroll down further to read about how a good moving company can help you ease your mind.

of moves are job related

On your way

Stay up-to-date while you travel

Each country has different laws and legislation. We offer all our expats an online portal to keep track of personal documentation and track their shipment. For corporate accounts we offer a portal to keep track of the relocation status for all assignees as well as services such as online reporting on demand.

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Happy Landing

Your new home

A happy landing goes hand in hand with connecting with your new locale. There are several relocation services available that can help you integrate quickly. Think of cultural training, finding a home, conducting a school search, opening a bank account, and getting set up with internet.

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after arrival dip' is common for expats

How do I fit in?

Culture change

Living in an other country means adapting and being flexible. Connecting with locals is important from a social and business perspective. After three months you might experience a mental dip. Don’t worry, this is normal for most people. As we relocate thousands of people a year, we are able to help you find your way. And don’t forget a lot of us are expats ourselves or have been somewhere down the line!

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