ERC partnership Eurohome

Eurohome Relocation belongs to the worldwide ERC network. This network of relocation companies guarantees that your relocation is carried out professionally by certified companies.

Eurohome Relocations has offices in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and the Russian Federation. Emigration to and from these countries can therefore be fully facilitated by us. If you are emigrating to or from another country, we work closely with our ERC partners to arrange your relocation while maintaining responsibility for the entire process.

You receive only one invoice and retain one central contact point during the whole procedure: your relocation experts at Eurohome.

The right partner

As Eurohome Relocations is part of the global network of ERC, one of the advantages for you is that we can easily connect with the right partner to suit your relocation requirements. We know many of the ERC partners personally and have a good overview of their various services and specialties. This allows us to choose the most appropriate expert partners for your relocation.


Our ERC Worldwide membership also provides us with regular updates on developments in the relocation industry. Furthermore, we actively participate in international conferences and seminars to continue to enhance our global services.

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