Settling-in assistance

When first arriving in a new location, it seems like there are a million important things to do before you can settle in.

Our relocation consultants will help organize the most important tasks to take care of upon arrival. We know how to get you connected quickly and can offer excellent local advice to ensure that you are getting the best start in your new home.

Check here our video to get an impression of our settling-in asstistance.

Below are some of the services we can help out with as part of our “settling-in assistance” package:

  • Opening Bank Accounts
  • Language Lesson Organization
  • Au-Pair/House Cleaner/Handyman hire
  • TV/Internet/Satellite-Dish Connection
  • Gym signup
  • Translation Assistance
  • Public Transport Pass Setup
  • Social Clubs, Recreational and Interest Group Memberships
  • Assistance with furniture purchase, pickup, and construction
  • Property Maintenance and Repair Assistance
  • Finding a local doctor or dentist