A professional friend

Sascha Mensing shares some insights about her work as consultant of Eurohome. 

The summer high season in the relocation industry can be an incredibly busy time. Of all the people moving throughout the year, the vast majority are doing so between June and August, as a lot of people are starting a new job after the summer holidays.

For relocation consultants at Eurohome like Sascha Mensing, it takes unique skills and a cool head to juggle the many clients and responsibilities in her schedule. She has full agenda with appointments the entire week. The relocation coordinators help her to manage her agenda, planning her appointments to make it all come together.

I am pleased with the help of the Eurohome coordinators, so that I am not driving from A to B and from B back to A. It certainly helps in getting the most out of my appointments with our clients.

Coordinators also help out by supplying me information about the interests of my clients to me so we can visit all the places that are important to their relocation, such as schools, gyms, or social clubs. Their role in the process is super important to making it a success and keeping things organized when it gets really busy in the high season.

The excitement of the high season is just one of the many aspects of the job that Sascha enjoys. What she really loves is her time spent helping clients at a time when they need help the most.

It gives me a lot of energy to help the expats with everything they need to feel at home at their new destination. I am their ‘Professional Friend’. The expats have questions about everything: ‘where can I find nice clothes?’, ‘what is a great tennis club in our neighborhood?’, ‘where can I buy a great bike and how many locks do I need?’ A lot of information is not available in English and the expats cannot find the answers themselves. As a consultant, you can find the answers for the expats. This is where we can make the difference for the expats.

However, consultants also run into difficulties during busy times, such as running around to different international schools, managing home searches of different budgets. Sascha recognizes these issues.

I see a definite growth of expats coming to Amsterdam which could mean longer waiting time for registration at the city hall. Additionally, the housing market in Amsterdam is very competitive and also expensive. It is always challenging to find the best fit for the expats. With our local expertise and knowledge in the rental market, we always succeed in finding a place which suits their preferences and requirements.



Sascha has been working for Eurohome as a Consultant since June 2018. Before, she worked as a real estate agent renting properties to customers in the areas of Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Haarlem. She discovered what she really likes is to add value to the customer’s experience by helping them to secure the right property. Assisting expats with finding their way in their new country and using her expertise of the real estate market makes being a relocation consultant the perfect job for Sascha.

As a consultant, you assist a wide range of expats, including individuals, couples, and families from all over the world. Last week, I went on a home search with a woman from Hungary and helped a German couple with registration. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a family where the husband is from Mexico, the wife is from Ireland and their child was born in the United States of America.

The relocation services vary from home search, registration at the city hall, bank account opening, assisting with connecting utilities, such as gas, water, electricity, internet, TV to finding a school or sport club for the children. It is a very wide spectrum of services that we can offer the expats to feel at home at their new destination.

Sascha believes that it is always important to manage the expectations of the customer to help them achieve a successful start in their new location. “We think along with the expats in finding the best fit for them. It means sometimes that living in Amsterdam is not always the ideal option, but we will find a nice place to live a little bit outside of Amsterdam for the customer. By the end, the customer will be very happy and that is all we care about!”

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