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A nation of stunning contrasts between ancient and modern, and home to an endless amount of unique, vibrant cultures, India is an exciting country for any expat to relocate to. With the excitement comes many challenges in terms of adapting to this new environment. With the help of our local consultants to prepare you and get you established, you can expect an excellent beginning to your new life in India.


Are you planning to emigrate to India? If so, there is plenty to do in preparation. Contact us today to discuss how we can help organize your relocation!

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Eurohome Relocation has more than 20 years of experience in helping expats relocate worldwide. Our local team of specialists can assist with everything necessary to make a successful transition.

We are fully familiar and aware of how to navigate Indian immigration regulations. We are available to teach our clients about typical cultural habits and etiquette. We can advise about necessary documentation as provide guidance to help our clients quickly settle in, acclimate, and feel at home.




“Thank you for an excellent support. Across whole process you were extremely supportive and mainly thanks to this everything went so well.”

Mr. Slawek

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What should you take into consideration when relocating to India?


  • You can apply for a tourist visa online, which is a relatively quick process. If you would like to stay for a longer period of time, you will need to apply for a work permit. This is much more difficult to obtain. This application is not available online and you will need to personally go to the embassy. Without the help from an experienced expert, this process can be time-consuming.
  • If you would like to emigrate to India together with your partner, this is only possible if you are married. Living together as an unmarried couple is forbidden in India. Therefore, the best advice for couples is to get married before you move there.


  • In India, English is widely spoken and you can get along well in nearly all situations using English. Learning one or more of the many Indian languages is not necessary.


  • Living in India is relatively cheap. With a western income, you can live well in India. But be aware that living in an expat gated community is just as expensive as in other countries and the price of gasoline is as expensive as in western countries.
  • Expats that move to India almost always experience a culture shock. This is caused by the heat, the crowdedness, the traffic and the smells all around. Cultural training is therefore advised. Attending this kind of training will help you understand and adjust to the different ways in India.
  • If you invite Indian people to visit you, always be sure to serve vegetarian food. There are very few Indians who eat meat, and you will not see meat on menus in restaurants either. Similarly, alcoholic drinks are uncommon and drinking in public is inadvisable.


  • The Indian caste system is complex. In Indian companies, this plays a role, but in international companies it does not. Foreigners are not expected to understand the nuances of this system.
  • To get to your office, it is advisable to arrange an Uber taxi as this is safer and more reliable than getting a taxi on the street. Public transportation is difficult for foreigners as it is often very crowded and there is no English translation available. Walking, cycling and driving are also not the best options to get around the large cities. For expats, it is sometimes preferable and affordable to arrange a private chauffeur.
  • If you hire an Indian person to work in your company, don’t only look at his or her education level. Many Indian people are highly educated, but that does not necessarily indicate their work level. For instance, an Indian that comes from a rich family is often well-educated but lacks work experience.
  • If you would like to thank someone, do not buy a bottle of wine, but rather a box of candy instead.

Eurohome and relocation to India

Eurohome is active on a global scale and handles a full range of relocation services in each country. Our main priority is to help each client make a successful transition into their new country by taking a proactive, highly organized and always communicative approach throughout the entire relocation process. Our experienced relocation specialists will personally provide valuable local information and are prepared to answer any questions our clients and their families will have about their new home.

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