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Are you planning to emigrate to Belgium? If so, there is plenty to do in preparation. You will probably need to arrange a new home and a school for your kids. You may have questions, such as: Who will guide you through the immigration process? What cultural aspects should you be familiar with? And do you know a handyman that can help you settle in to your new house by assembling furniture or hanging paintings?

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Eurohome Relocations has more than 20 years of experience in relocating expats and people moving to other countries for a variety of reasons. Our local relocation specialists know Belgium well. For example, we can advise you about Belgian etiquette, housing prices in Brussels, and the problems of the two languages spoken in different parts of the country.

We can advise you about documentation as well as the Belgian way of life so you quickly settle in, acclimate and feel at home in this country.


“Team were very efficient and helpful. All told it made a stressful experience virtually stress free.”

Mr. Griffiths

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What should you take into consideration when relocating to Belgium?

  • In Belgium, you are only allowed to rent a house for set periods of 3, 7 or 9 years. If you would like to end the rental agreement at another time, you would have to pay a substantial penalty. Expats that are staying in Belgium for less than 3 years are advised to indicate this in the rental agreement, and together with the landlord agree on a set date when you would like the contract to end in order to avoid penalties.
  • Registering in the municipality where you will be living can sometimes be a lengthy process. In Brussels and other Belgian cities, you may need to wait up to 2 months for your request to be handled. It is therefore advised to start this procedure as soon as possible.
  • Since Belgium is essentially split in 2 language regions, with the North speaking a form of Dutch and the South a form of French, speaking either language is rather sensitive. The French speaking Belgians should not make any mistakes when speaking Dutch and the same holds true the other way around. Consequently, as an expat, it is better to use English in business communication rather than choosing a language side. Most people in Belgium can speak and understand English.
  • In Brussels there is a tight housing market, and finding an affordable rental house is not easy and takes time. In some situations, it can be easier to buy a house rather than rent one. Eurohome Relocation can connect you to local realtors.
  • When looking for an affordable place to live, an option could be to look outside of Brussels, for example in Leuven. However, traffic to and from Brussels is heavy, especially during rush hour. You will need to contend with daily traffic jams. In some situations, public transportation may be convenient. Your  Eurohome Relocation-consultant can advise you about this.


Eurohome and relocation to Belgium

Relocation is so much more than moving your belongings from point A to point B. That’s why Eurohome thinks of everything that is involved with a move. Our expert staff coordinate your move from A to Z and help you to feel at home in your new environment. Our motto is: Wherever you go, we will be there with you!

Eurohome is active on a global scale and handles a full range of services in each country. Our professional staff’s main priority is to make the difference between standard service and a successful new start. We do this by taking a proactive approach and having the right skills to take care of you through the entire relocation process.

Our experienced relocation specialists personally meet with you and your family to provide valuable local information and answer all your questions.

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Thanks to our participation in international relocation networks, such as ERC (Employee Relocation Council) and EuRA (European Relocation Association), we can assist you with your relocation no matter which country you are relocating to.


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