Basic Care Package

Our “Basic Care Package” is based on the specific country requirements and offers our clients  the following services:

Brief Service Description

  • Airport transportation (to a temporary accommodation or hotel)
  • Basic survival pack upon arrival, after the check in to the accommodation -to include bread, drinks, toilet paper, cleaning stuff etc..
  • Groceries and/or other supplies (with the possibility for restocking), take away and/or delivery options for the area.
  • Information on reliable local medical resources in the case medical attention is necessary.
  • Useful contact information during self-isolation, including Emergency Services (112 or local equivalent), food delivery services, and local grocery delivery services
  • Information on pet care centers/ pet walkers etc.
  • Daily check-in with the assignee, for all reasonable additional requests should be delivered.

You can also extend this package as you wish. If you are planning to move, we can also schedule a video survey with you to indicate the volume you would like to take with you.

If you are interested in these services or we can help you with any services, please contact us.