Benefits for corporate clients

International mobility is a short description for a long process, requiring many different professionals. These professionals are often hard to find. The involvement of Eurohome will create a more cost effective and time-saving corporate relocation process.  In short, it will not add to your costs but will save money.

Some of the benefits of getting Eurohome involved:

  • lower “early return” rate to country of origin
  • continuity in your relocation policy and processes
  • professional guidance and advice for both the expat and the HR department
  • tailor-made expat programs, designed and maintained by experienced professionals
  • single point of contact for both the expat and HR department
  • cost control from beginning to end, with an eye for detail
  • protection of company interests and maintenance of company procedures
  • creative and realistic solutions in unforeseen and sometimes complicated situations
  • taking over time-consuming and costly activities from the employee, who can focus on the real job

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