Senior Field Consultant – Eurohome

Get to know our Global Service Experience

Eurohome, with over 20 years of global experience, is dedicated to providing comprehensive relocation services to our clients in any country they choose. Our mission is to ensure a seamless transition into their new home by offering proactive, organized, and communicative support throughout the entire relocation process. Our experienced specialists provide valuable local insights, addressing all questions and concerns, making every relocation a successful journey. With Eurohome, you’re not just moving to a new country; you’re embarking on a new adventure with a trusted partner by your side.

But enough about us, who are you?

Who we are looking for

Are you someone who knows their city like the back of their hand, thrives on flexibility, and has a genuine passion for assisting expats as they embark on their journey to a new life in your area? Then you are who we are looking for.

About the job

As (Senior) field consultant you will become responsible for these key tasks:

  • Home Search and Viewings: Your keen eye for housing and local market trends will help expats find the perfect place to call home.
  • Settling-In Assistance: Accompany expats and their families to BSN appointments and other essential appointments, making their initial days stress-free.
  • School Search: Help families navigate the education landscape, ensuring their children find the right school.
  • Area Orientation: Share your insider knowledge about the area, making expats feel like locals in no time.

Join our family company and culture

Does the above sounds like a fit: Then join the Eurohome team as a field consultant expert in the Groningen, Nijmegen or Utrecht area and offer A Worldwide Welcome to people relocating from all over the world. 

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