Liz Claessen – International Relocation Consultant

“Nothing risked, nothing gained”

Hello! I’m Liz Claessen and I’m proud to be a part of the Eurohome team as an International Relocation Consultant since September 2022. I am originally a Japanologist and have worked within a management role in the retail industry. I have also lived abroad for a while. I now bring these valuable experiences to my daily work in supporting assignees. I want to ensure everyone has a soft landing in their new home country!

I love it when a plan comes together and when I can combine different situations to find a custom solution. To give an example, one time an assignee accidentally signed for two properties accidently during a hectic period. To avoid high costs or a penalty, I immediately collaborated with my colleague to find a solution. We realized that another assignee was still looking for a home in the same area and that this property would be an even better fit for them. Ultimately, we were able to make multiple people happy with one solution: the two assignees and the landlord.

In my free time, I enjoy pottery, gardening, and reading.