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Global Mobility Report Russia 2015

Eurohome Relocation Services has published its ‘2015 Global Mobility Report - Russia’  following the success of its 2014 inaugural report. The information and statistics in the report were gathered from a large number of local Russian and multi-national companies with a corporate presence in Russia. This year’s report is of particular interest to the wider corporate community who still sees Russia as a potential market but may be hesitant to invest there due to the current economic and geopolitical climate.

Japenese nationals don't need a Dutch workpermit anymore

Japanese nationals are allowed to work in the Netherlands without the need to secure Dutch work authorization. This according to an appeal judgement by the Dutch High Administrative Court (Raad van State) in December 2014.

Changes Income requirements for Dutch stay permit

To be eligible for a stay permit in the Netherlands, there are specific income requirements. As of January 1st 2015, the requirements have changed. Income criteria are subject to change every six months.

New: IND Desk Twente and Expat Center Wageningen

Expats in Holland have two new places to go to since October 1st.

New: India desk at Amstelland Hospital

This summer the Amstelland Hospital opened a digital India Desk. This to assist Indian expats with medical questions and to provide advice about the culture, rules and regulations in Dutch healthcare.

21st Century Global School opened in Haarlem

Since the 1st of September Haarlem has a fully bilingual (Dutch/English) primary school.

Global Mobility Report 2014 - Russia

Eurohome Relocation Services, part of the Voerman Group, has published its 2014 Global Mobility Report on Russia. This report provides an update on the ever changing market that Russia represents.

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